Welcome to our winery

The method of producing wine and olive oil at Veralda is based on maintaining a constant level of superior quality, as the owners of this winery believe that this is the only proper way to ensure survival on the demanding world market. We are also committed to preserving the tradition of olive growing and viticulture in Istria, which over centuries has been both developed and perfected.

Veralda family winery is one of the largest wineries in Istria, with 33 hectares of vineyards and 5 hectares of olive orchards, producing top quality, grand cru wines and some of the highest quality olive oil in our region. What makes Veralda unique is innovation through hard work and research.


One beautiful example is our Rosé, our first vintage - 2008. We took this indigenous red varietal, Teran, and created an award-winning wine that has changed local perceptions of this special grape and quickly inspired other leading winemakers to craft their own Teran rosés. We are proud to have discovered how to turn one otherwise difficult indigenous varietal into an easy-drinking wine that pairs easily with many types of cuisine, creating a new market for a cherished varietal. It is fantastic as an aperitif, on its own, or with meals. Veralda has since began producing Teran Zero Brut, incorporating the best of this grape into a fantastic sparkling wine using the classic method of in-bottle fermentation.

 As a leading high quality winery in Istria and Croatia in general, we were very proud to earn first prize for our Malvazija Prestige at the first annual World of Malvasia competition of international Malvasia wines in 2009. This competition, held in Porec, included over 400 Malvasia wines from all over the world. Our success was helped by our grand cru vineyard positions on the beautiful hills of Buje, which have a reputation for their special microclimates with soil characteristics that bring out the best of our indigenous grape varietal Malvasia.