Zero Brut

Finally after 2000 years was discovered that a beautiful Rosé sparkling wine could be made from Teran, an indigenous Istrian variety which for centuries locals produced a wine of dense black character. For the first time in history, Veralda obtained from this grape an attractive salmon-pink color that expresses a sparkling liveliness through unrelenting chains of bubbles in your glass, giving a new dimension to an important regional varietal. The charm of small effervescent bubbles extends the refreshing, velvety feel in the mouth, which is complemented by a distinct fruitiness and extends typical the varietal characteristics. Veralda's Rosé sparkling pairs easily with every meal, from start to finish, due to its good body and refreshing feel.

Vineyards: Veralda

Variety: Teran 100%

Vintage 2012

12% alc.

Position: Veralda

Food pairing: good wine that accompanies the whole meal ease with which complements because more cheer during aperitifs, and more accompanies meals thanks to good body, refreshing.

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