"Producing high quality wine is a matter of harvesting, loyalty, and happiness. But to discover something new means to lay the groundwork for further progress." Luciano Visintin

Family tradition and the audacity of Veralda's owner, in combination with new production technologies, resulted in 2008's sensational discovery of our Rosé, which laid the foundation for the development of a new kind of wine production throughout the region.

Made from the native grape Teran, carefully picked and gently pressed in order to avoid extracting out the deep color, was a real discovery in Veralda's wine cellar. A vibrant pink color and fruity flavor of wild berries and raspberries make this wine special. The finish has a pleasant freshness, almost effervesent. Serve at a temperature of 8 ° C.

Vineyards: Veralda

Variety: Teran 100%

Vintage 2017

13% alc.

Position: Veralda/Carsin

Food pairing: A wine of very strong character which may follow almost every meal. Great with crab, lobster, shrimp, octopus, carpaccio of fish, and meat. Pairs well with ham and cheese, and is indispensable as an aperitif.é-2017/p/10135401